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Flix Vision is designed to work on all your favorite Devices inclusing TVs, Tablets, PC and Phones. We have made a slick yet user friendly interface that is easy to use to Enjoy the content you Love. No Mouse Toggle needed on TV. Simply grab your Remote and start browsing

How To Install On Your TV

Easily install the FlixVision app on your Android or Fire TV in just a few steps. Follow our guidelines for five steps on Android TV and three steps on Fire TV. Start enjoying movies, TV series, anime, and shows with friends and family. Get started for free and unlock limitless entertainment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions that are
asked by new users.

Yes, FlixVision features all the content from different genres for free. You can stream unlimited content without paying a cent.

Not really, you can stream any movie without any restrictions. However, it’s recommended to use a VPN as some links in the app might be geo-blocked.

FlixVision is a completely secure and safe-to-use application where you can enjoy unlimited videos for free.

No, you don't have any registration or in-app subscription to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

No, it doesn’t track and save the history of any user. It doesn’t even ask for a sign-up process.

Compared to other applications, FlixVision allows fewer ads to appear.

It may happen if the content is not working on the server (Not an issue from our side), but you can use VPN to access other sites or access geo-blocked sites.

Report the bugs/issues on our Discord channel or drop us an Email at info(at) and the Developers will look into it.

If the first server you click on isn't available (loading the content), try the next ones on the list. Sometimes the content may be geo-blocked, so using VPN might help.

FlixVision is 100% safe with no viruses or malware.

This is because the signing certificate of the app has been flagged by big companies like Google. When we let our unsigned APK run through VirusTotal, for instance, it detects no viruses because our code doesn't contain any malware. But as soon as we sign the APK, it detects a virus.

Yes. The first thing you, as a user, need to know is that there are so many pirated copies of our app out there. People reverse engineer our app, add their code, and publish them. Now, if one of them has a virus, then all apps that are 90% identical (like the original) become also suspicious as the algorithm thinks they are all copies. This is why you should never use a pirated/modded version or use it at your own risk. We checked a few mod versions of our app in VirusTotal, and more viruses popped out while only one virus was "detected" for the original APK. And the reported Virus was named TROJ_GEN.R002V01J423 (You can read more about it Here). We made some research on that Virus and it is a very low to neglectable Risk Virus. As of now we still don't know why it is being reported on our App but like previously said, it is surely coming from a pirated version of our App.

How can we steal your data? What data? And how? We only have a few permissions on your device, which are two permissions: One for the Internet and the other one for local storage to store our APK when installing the update. That's it. So, don't get fooled by these Big Tech who are anyway not happy that you use a free app for streaming copyrighted and premium content.

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  • Tap Play Protect and then Settings.
  • Turn Scan apps with Play Protect on or off.